A Bite of Story
The Wise King’s decree was still upheld throughout Spain as a bottle shops an pubs opened throughout the country. For that reason the glass or jug of wine was served covered by a slice of cured meat, a slice of ham or cheese. This had a dual function : to stop impurities or insects falling into the wine an it also facilitated the client to soak up the wine with something of substance, as the King advised. This is the origin of the name, of an intrinsically tradition, “La Tapa”, the food that covered (tapar to cover) the glass of wine. The drinks that traditionally accompany the tapa are wine and the beer, usually draftis popularly known as “Caña” (cane) maybe due to the glass being shaped like that of a piece of sugar cane. But without a doubt the most singular aspect of the tapeo resides in its social factor. The tapas are Spanish culinary characteristic that seemed untransferable or non exportable to other cultures, yet is now popular throughout the world and stays rooted in our days and has also been adopted and transformed in other countries. Now here is the best part, enjoy in good company our “Tapas” and drink to the smaller pleasures of the life! This one is for you. ¡¡Salud!!

Cheers, Family La Sal.